sorg och ensamhet

sorg är mitt

öde i min ensamhet

sorg över

den tid

som förspills

sorg¨över att


har det bättre

än bra

makalöst bra

om man går

på bondfångarnas öde

de som jag hade att göra

med i min ungdom

landa jobbar

som forskare

i elektroakustisk musik

på stanford unuiversitet

och har tillträde

till george lucas

filmstudio när han vill

och jocke gökar

med brudarna

som poserar nakna

i cat´s och aktuell rapport

där han är skämtecknare

med skämt

som han

snott av mig

vare sig ni tror det

eller ej

han har lagrat

dem i sitt minne

som i en spargris

jag känner sorg

över världens orättvisa

och över svagheten

som den visar upp

jag är

inte avundsjuk

jag är ledsen och missunnsam

mot såna onda mäns

framgångar och succé

utan att tro

jag nånsin själv

kunnat få det

som de fått det

10 svar till “sorg och ensamhet”

    1. perhaps. but in my youth i did I saw two con men in my company. they have succeeded uin life despite lack of fantasy and skills. landa has made additional sound for hallströms film shipping news. he lived in my apartment in stochlm 1985 while he studied electronic music. he thought the apartment was his and behaved like michael keaton in the film bout the evil lodger

      1. ‘Cat’s meow’, over here, is idiom for, ‘the real thing’…
        and you are friends now the alvanfolken…goods hands, to be in.
        I remember the Landa poems you wrote, but have not seen the movie
        because I’m not a fan of MK.

      2. I suddenly realizerd you understood me wrong. landa behaved like keatons rolecharachter. kevin spacey acts in the movie landa made tjhe additional sound for. he made the girls yelling whén she went raped by her brother. so nowI know what you mean with MK. I´m a little slowstárter in my brain but i understand sooner or later. i also realize why you tsalk bout vcat´s eoow. here in sweden cat´+s is a pornmagazine were joakim lindengren, the man with the friendly face and the treachous mind, works.

  1. Thank you friend for liking my post ( The United Nations…) Have a great day.jalal

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    1. i´ve never been in denver. but my cousins monica and carol lives in olympia washington since 1952. monica was born in oravais finland where the laqst battle between ryussia and sweden stood about finland. the russians won. my grandparents was born in russdia. my granfdads dad went rich on the miliatary town crownstad and opened a grocery store in oravais about 1870. th<ats history, man.

    2. I live in fagersta sweden in a group-living where drugaddicts and psycotic people lives neighbourghs with me. beside my balcony theres a balcony for heroinaddicts who want to clean themselves from the dfruvgs. i wannza shake a little. i weanna cdance. C´mon baby. do the hanky panky. go like a locomotive wuith me. Thats the way things goes in this little industrial town whwre shops closes down and only food and liquzaor is possible to shop. Ho´w bout that? do the hanky panky you too.


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