my old xp-computer

I´m loneley

wolksvagen car

outside stands grey

mute, silent

people talk

through the wall

through the roof

from the apartments

next to mine

from the


above mine

where an old

alcoholaddict lives

next to me

a living for homeless drugaddicts

whos weaning from heroin

and other heavy stuff

”heaven will come soon

we will not help you

with the old xp-computer

to fix windows update”

”if you burn records

we will carry out sabotage

steal them ”

they shout to me

I´ve just repaired

the dvd-player

on the old dell-pc


to saqy

I look out through

the window and

its´s a cloudy day

fagersta is the stronghold

of satan

he himself did provide

venetianblinds to my kitcfhenwindow

four yeara ago

they´ve destroyed

windows update

of the computer


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